Summer holidays: How to limit the damage?

On holiday, we often tend to let ourselves go. Unless you're a hardcore sportsman, you tend to abandon your trainers and indulge in a lot of dietary deviations. And rightly so. After all, we often work throughout the year to be in top shape in summer, so a few deviations are well deserved. But it would be a shame to let your body go completely untouched. So how do you find the motivation to train, when all you want to do is rest?

So, how do you find the motivation to train?

The pace is reduced

It's understandable that the urge to continue with your 5 weekly workouts isn't huge, but rather than going to the extreme of not training at all, just try to slightly decrease your training pace. This way you shouldn't feel any adverse effects on your body and performance and will save your body from the most brutal return to reality once you get back to the gym.

You can also try training differently. If you're a long-distance runner, why not try sprinting? You work hard in the weight room, turn to endurance training. It is always possible to find a way to continue your practice without getting bored, with the right research you will be able to find a thousand and one ways to train.

We discover new things

Another idea would be to replace your traditional workouts with other more varied and fun, but equally physical activities. In this way, you will allow your body to stay active without even realising it.

Are you spending your holidays at the sea? Why not take the opportunity to learn to surf, meet new people on the beach volleyball court or go swimming in the waves? Not only will you get active, but you'll also come out with a killer tan (just remember to wear sunscreen).

In the mountains, you'll find yourself in a perfect playground for hiking. You can discover the satisfaction of seeing some of the most sublime scenery after a long walk during the day. Cycling can also be a great ally at these times. The wide open country roads will allow you to enjoy the fresh air without the exhaust fumes of the bus ahead of you in town.

Be curious, see what possibilities are available to you in the surrounding area and test it out. Maybe you'll even discover a new passion?


Finally, the last option we can give you will be to simply rest. You've earned it, right? Sometimes a break can be one of the best things you can do to get back on track, especially if your training load was very heavy. You will allow your body to recover from all the trauma it has had to endure. You should never forget that rest is an integral part of sporting activity and when properly controlled, it will even boost your performance.

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