9 good reasons to do sport.

Sometimes the urge to exercise isn't always there. And although as summer approaches you always tell yourself that this year will finally be the right one to get back into it, sometimes it's hard to leave the comfort of your home to go and work out. Yet, even with minimal effort, sport can greatly improve your quality of life in many ways.

The following 9 reasons should provide you with the motivation you need to get back into the swing of things!"

1. Be healthy!

Sport is excellent for reducing the risk of cardiovascular problems, osteoporosis and breast cancer.

Regular physical activity also helps prevent health problems such as stroke, metabolic problems, type 2 diabetes, and arthritis and depression which unfortunately affects more women.

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2. Sport for beautiful skin

With cardio: Cardio exercises promote the elimination of toxins from the body and recharge our cells with minerals and nutrients.

With fitness: Pilates in particular helps to work on flexibility and above all helps to bring oxygen to your skin cells.

Yoga: Head down postures help to look good.

These sports that boost your heart and sweat will give you a dreamy glow!

3. Sport protects your brain

Sport plays a role on your brain it helps to oxygenate it better. It secretes dopamine (pleasure hormone but also motivation and attention!) It also prevents neurological degeneration.

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4. Controlling or Losing Weight

It's a no-brainer, doing sport helps you control your weight. Sport is essential against overweight and obesity.

How? When you work out, you burn calories. And the higher the intensity of the activity, the more calories you burn. We recommend a minimum of 30 minutes of training per day.

If your goal is to lose weight, you'll need to train harder or use supplements.

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5. Boost your energy level

Practicing physical activity increases your energy level.

It improves your endurance. Through sport, you oxygenate your heart more which will allow your cardiovascular system to work more efficiently. And if your heart and lungs are working better, your energy will increase tenfold!

6. Weight gain

The weight training will be your best ally to increase your muscle mass by combining it with diet and taking good supplements.

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7. Better quality of sleep!

Physical activity improves sleep. Regular exercise helps you fall asleep more quickly and get a better night's sleep.

8. Improve your intimate life

Physical activity gives you more energy and has a real positive effect on your sex life.

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9. A successful pregnancy

According to serious scientific studies practising a gentle sporting activity with the agreement of your doctor will help improve your psychological and physical well-being for you and your unborn baby!

Sport will help:

- Improve your breathing

- Reduce your stress

- Reduce the risk of a caesarean birth

Sport is proving to be, contrary to some prejudices, very beneficial for your pregnancy. It is even said that it helps to avoid the famous baby blues!

Have fun

Exercise should always be a source of good times.

It gives you the opportunity to do what you like or simply relax. Exercising alone or with friends is a real source of satisfaction. Exercising should be part of your daily routine.

As a bonus, sport puts you in a good mood!

By stimulating various brain chemicals, it makes us calmer, less stressed and happier.

And the icing on the cake is that it gives us self-confidence!

Let's get moving!

In 2021 it's time to take care of yourself! Finally go and join that fitness gym you've been eyeing for a while or take online classes, Covid obliges, Dare!!

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