• Moroccan date sweets

    Moroccan date sweets

    This year, April 13th is the beginning of the Ramadan fast. For the occasion we decided, for a few moments, to make your taste buds travel to the East with this recipe of protein date sweets. 

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  • Chocolate Protein Mousse

    Chocolate Protein Mousse

    Easter weekend is fast approaching! A festive moment that promises to be more gourmet than ever. Indeed, what would Easter be without delicious chocolates? 

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  • Protein macaroons

    Protein macaroons

    This 20 March is macaroon day. The opportunity to start the spring season with a gourmet treat. So put on your apron, it's time to prepare delicious pastries. 

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  • Low-carb protein birthday cake

    Low-carb protein birthday cake

    Today, Monday the 15th of March, is a special day for a special person!  Indeed, we are celebrating the birthday of our Digital Marketing Manager, Alex Debecq. 

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  • Homemade coconut protein pudding

    Homemade coconut protein pudding

    Puddings are good, but it's even better when you cook them yourself! Nourishing, energetic and delicious, this recipe for homemade coconut protein pudding will satisfy your sweet tooth.

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  • Protein chickpea mousse

    Protein chickpea mousse

    You follow a vegan diet and don't want to give up on little gourmet pleasures? This recipe of high-protein chickpea mousse is the proof. It will satisfy your sweet cravings after your meal.

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  • Vegan bowl

    Vegan bowl

    Want to end your meal on a sweet note? Go for a vegan dessert! Sweets without eggs, milk or butter would you say? Yes, it is possible to treat yourself without giving up sweets. 

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  • Protein fruit salad

    Protein fruit salad

    If Mardi Gras goes with pancakes, waffles and doughnuts, at QNT, we decided this year to celebrate this day in a healthier way. So, say goodbye to sweets and hello to a delicious protein fruit salad. 

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  • Valentine's Day Gourmet

    Valentine's Day Gourmet

    Treat your half in the most beautiful way. Surprise her with this irresistible Valentine's Day breakfast. For a gentle awakening, leave the traditional lunches behind! 

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  • Vegan Crepes

    Vegan Crepes

    February 2nd is Candlemas, the annual appointment to eat pancakes with family and friends. And so that everyone can fully enjoy this celebration.

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  • Vegan Chocolate Chip Pie

    Vegan Chocolate Chip Pie

    The month of good resolutions has begun. What if we started the year by taking good initiatives like trying veganism for a month? 

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  • Pop-corn Cups

    Pop-corn Cups

    January 19th is International Popcorn Day! So, to honor it, we have created an original and easy to make recipe to change from the ordinary. 

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