• High-Protein Tiramisu

    High-Protein Tiramisu

    It’s the international day of Italian cuisine. The opportunity to put Italy in the spotlight and to treat yourself with a gourmet recipe. 

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  • Oatmeal Breakfast

    Oatmeal Breakfast

    Would you like to know the secret of being fit in the morning? Try these delicious oatmeal flakes rich in protein. This vitamin and nutrient boost will help you start your day on top. 

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  • King’s Cake protein

    King’s Cake protein

    With Christmas and New Year's Eve over, let's give way to another festive tradition; the Galette des Rois. A cake that leaves no one indifferent and that puts all the taste buds in agreement. 

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  • Protein white flakes balls

    Protein white flakes balls

    The holidays season is over and you have enjoyed your Christmas and New Year's meals. How to recover well after the little (big) gap of the end of the year?

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  • Flourless protein cookies

    Flourless protein cookies

    Aaah cookies... who doesn't love them? Well, with our protein recipe, you won't be able to do without them! These delicious biscuits rich in proteins will satisfy all your little hungers.

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  • Christmas vanilla ginger pudding

    Christmas vanilla ginger pudding

    Celebrate Christmas the Anglo-Saxon way with the famous "Christmas pudding".

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  • Protein eggnog

    Protein eggnog

    Have you ever heard of the famous eggnog? In the United States, it is THE ideal Christmas drink. There is no way to celebrate Christmas Eve without this famous cocktail. 

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  • Protein chocolate chips protein cookies

    Protein chocolate chips protein cookies

    As a child you used to leave a few cookies with a small glass of milk to Santa Claus? And why not keep this tradition while adding a pinch of protein for even more gourmet and healthy cookies. 

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  • Christmas Protein truffles

    Christmas Protein truffles

    Christmas Eve is coming. Ho ho ho! Which means sweets and calories are adding up. And why not opt for a high-protein Christmas to treat yourself without feeling too guilty? 

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    Would you like a healthy and tasty brownie? As we all know, the brownie is a real calorie bomb. Between sugar and butter, it is the number one enemy of dietetics. But how to resist it?  

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  • Gourmet salad for better training

    Gourmet salad for better training

    Want to get the most out of your training so you can reach your goals? What if we told you that food is the best medicine? It gives you all the energy you need to perform better.

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  • Homemade Snickers with Casein protein

    Homemade Snickers with Casein protein

    Are you a die-hard fan of the famous Snickers chocolate bars? But you want to watch your calories? What if we told you that it is possible to combine slimming and pleasure? 

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