• Matcha Protein Mochis

    Matcha Protein Mochis

    Have you already succumbed to the new sweet trend of mochis? These little soft balls of Japanese origin with their irresistible looks have made the web fall in love. 

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  • Coconut lemon chia ice-cream

    Coconut lemon chia ice-cream

    It's summer! Let the ice cream season begin! If the good weather hasn't shown up yet, this colourful and refreshing vegan recipe will bring the sun to your table! 

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  • Protein Ice Cream Cake

    Protein Ice Cream Cake

    Melt with pleasure with our protein ice cream cake. It's the perfect way to freshly finish a summer meal. With this quick and easy recipe.

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  • Protein frozen yoghurt

    Protein frozen yoghurt

    Even if the weather is not so good, summer is well and truly here. And what would the summer season be without a little frozen treat? 

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  • Refreshing Protein Dessert for Summer

    Refreshing Protein Dessert for Summer

    Looking for a refreshing treat? Try our new protein dessert recipe. A dessert as colorful as it is tasty to cool you down when the sun is burning. Super easy and quick to make.

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  • Protein Donuts

    Protein Donuts

    Aaah the donuts, this nice round doughnut with a soft dough that makes us all addicted! If, like us, you're a fan of these little American pastries.

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  • Healthy TV tray for football

    Healthy TV tray for football

    It's time for the football match! Tonight's programme is dinner in front of the TV! Yes, we know, aperitifs and dinners in front of the TV are always welcome when it comes to watching the Euro! 

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  • Peanut protein cookies

    Peanut protein cookies

    Looking for a sweet treat? Give in to our delicious peanut chip biscuits. Say goodbye to the overly sweet industrial cookies and make way for homemade with this quick and easy low-carb cookie recipe. 

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  • Coconut spring sweet pancakes

    Coconut spring sweet pancakes

    What about a light, sweet, tasty and protein-packed dessert? Our spring coconut pancakes will satisfy your cravings! Light, tasty and fit, they'll make everyone's taste buds agree. 

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  • Refreshing Banana Energy Shake

    Refreshing Banana Energy Shake

    This is it is finally Spring! With the warm weather coming in, it's the perfect time to train outside and refresh yourself with a delicious banana milkshake! 

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  • Healthy salty muffins

    Healthy salty muffins

    Rather team sweet tooth or team salty tooth? And why should we choose when we can combine the 2 flavors with a delicious sweet and salty recipe. 

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  • Meta Zero ball

    Meta Zero ball

    It's your cheat day and you're wondering what treats you're going to enjoy? We've got a pretty good idea. Treat yourself with our recipe, a guaranteed gustative pleasure! 

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