An internship at QNT.

Hello there! In this article, you will discover QNT through the eyes of our 3 awesome interns (Los stagiooos as we used to call them). We had the chance to work with them in the digital marketing department in our Silversquare office for 3 months. We hope that their testimonial will give you a clearer idea of the possibilities offered to you as an intern in our team. We let you discover their experience through their exchanges in the following section !

Their experience at QNT

Louis: Did you learn many things during this internship? Personally, I was expecting to play the role of Community Manager and manage social networks, but in fact it was much more diversified and I was able to do many more things. I discovered I had a talent for writing articles and landing pages... Well, I didn't just do that, I also did market research, benchmarks and other more creative things!

Mehdi: Melisa did the social networks, I think she loved it ! I liked writing powerful newsletters to customers, using Mailchimp! But I must say that we arrived at a particular period: the rebranding of QNT! So beyond that, we participated in the project and we really saw the backstage of a rebranding, the implementation of the new site etc. I also did some data analysis, i.e. counting the sales of some products and making graphs to see the trends!

Melisa: Totally agree with you Mehdi! It was great to be able to contribute to the renewal of the company by reflecting their new identity in their digital marketing strategy. As you may have noticed, I was in charge of designing the new strategy for the different social networks of the brand: I was able to create a brandbook, design the brand new visuals and the adapted content.

The atmosphere

Mehdi: What can I say about the atmosphere ... apart from the fact that my internship master was shooting at me daily with his Nerf gun 🔫, I had a great time, I must say that they know how to make their interns feel comfortable, don't they ? 🥲

Louis: I agree! It was a lot of fun to watch those battles. The atmosphere was really nice, we had so much fun.

Melisa: What did you think of the atmosphere in the coworking space? Personally, I loved it! 😍I was able to expand my professional network and meet experts in lots of different fields. It was very inspiring to be able to share with them about their journey.

Mehdi: I also found the general atmosphere at Silversquare really rewarding! We met other people, working for other companies or self-employed, and they shared their experiences and gave us some advice on the professional future that awaits us ... personally, I questioned my life several times after talking with them ! 😂

Louis: It's true that working in a coworking space allows you to meet new people every day and to vary the discussions. It's very rewarding to get to know new people from different fields and to see things from another point of view. I agree with you Mehdi, I too have questioned my life several times after our discussions. 😂

Mehdi: By the way, a little message to the next trainee: I broke the coffee machine of my internship master so be ready to go back and forth to the reception to make you coffee. 🙃

Melisa: Oh yes, and know that if you do your internship at QNT, you will have a very nice plant in your charge 🪴(plant adopted by Julien, surely your internship master). Don't forget to water it every Monday !

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