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What is Télévie ?

The Télévie is a major charitable initiative in French-speaking Belgium, focused on raising funds for cancer and leukemia research, both in adults and children. This operation is organized by RTL-TVI, a Belgian television channel, which mobilizes considerable resources each year to support this cause.

Télévie is a fine example of solidarity, demonstrating how collective commitment and public generosity can have a significant impact in the fight against serious illnesses. It is a moment of convergence where society comes together to support a vital cause, showcasing the importance of mutual aid and hope in challenging times.

In this spirit, QNT is committed to supporting Télévie's efforts.


The Importance of Nutrition for Cancer Patients.

Nutritional Support: Cancer patients have specific nutritional needs to support their bodies during treatment. Proteins play a crucial role in tissue repair, maintaining muscle mass, and supporting the immune system. A diet rich in proteins can help improve treatment tolerance and accelerate recovery.

Improving Quality of Life: Good nutrition, including adequate protein intake, can help improve the quality of life for patients by reducing treatment side effects, increasing energy, and enhancing overall health.

The Role of Proteins in Cancer Research and Treatment.

Protein Research: Research funded by initiatives like Télévie often explores the role of proteins in the development and progression of cancer. Understanding how certain proteins influence cancer can lead to the development of new targeted treatments.

Targeted Therapies: Advances in understanding the proteins involved in cancer have led to the development of targeted therapies. These treatments specifically target proteins that contribute to the growth and survival of cancer cells, offering a more precise approach with often fewer side effects than traditional treatments. At QNT, product research is constantly being improved, especially regarding proteins. It is therefore easy to understand why supporting Télévie is close to our hearts.


This year, it is even more important for QNT to actively support Télévie's action and contribute its part to the cause.

The Cyclos du Cœur at Joux-Plane.

The Col de Joux-Plane is considered by many professional cyclists as one of the most beautiful mountain passes in the French Alps. However, beneath this gentle name lies a formidable cycling challenge: an 11.6 km ascent at an average gradient of 8.5% in the heart of the Chablais massif in Haute-Savoie. Its summit reaches 1691 meters with a positive elevation gain of 1000 meters. The landscapes you can admire during the climb to the top are breathtaking.

And it is this exceptional setting that Jean-Michel Zecca has chosen to allow as many volunteers as possible to come and support the Télévie. The ultimate goal is to climb this mythical pass.

As part of this 'Cyclos du Cœur' initiative, QNT will also meet the nutritional needs of all athletes who will attempt this challenge by providing them with energy drinks, water bottles, protein bars, etc. In short, everything they will need to progress better in their ascent.

QNT: Nourishing Hope and Supporting Télévie.

In the journey towards physical excellence and well-being, surpassing one's limits is a mantra for many. At QNT, we understand that the pursuit of the ideal form extends beyond sports performance or reaching new personal heights. It also encompasses our ability to reach out, support, and contribute to causes that impact lives far beyond our own personal and professional boundaries. It is in this spirit that QNT proudly stands alongside Télévie, uniting our strengths to fight against cancer and leukemia.

An Commitment Beyond Performance.

At QNT, our mission transcends the provision of high-quality dietary supplements. We believe in the power of the individual to make a difference, not only in their own lives but also in the lives of others. By supporting Télévie, we extend our commitment to helping everyone surpass their limits, not only physically, but also in their ability to contribute to a cause greater than themselves.

The Synergy between Nutrition and Support.

Nutrition plays a key role in supporting individuals with cancer, helping to maintain strength, fight illness, and withstand treatments. Proteins, in particular, are essential for tissue repair and construction, supporting the body when it needs it most. By emphasizing the importance of quality nutrition, QNT aims not only to enhance sports performance but also to provide tangible support to those battling cancer, through Télévie.

Together, We Can Make a Difference.

Strength lies in unity. By participating in Télévie, QNT and its community are committed to making a significant difference in the fight against cancer. Every contribution, big or small, helps fund vital research and support those affected by this disease. Together, we can help turn hope into reality, offering not only financial resources but also moral support and increased awareness.

A Call to Action.

We invite our QNT community to join us in this commitment to Télévie. Together, we can help push the boundaries of what is possible in the fight against cancer. Whether through donations, participating in fundraising events, or simply sharing the message, every action matters. With QNT, let's push our limits, not only in our personal quest for well-being but also in our collective ability to make a difference in the world.

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