Group classes more effective than classroom work?


We often ask this question: which one is the most effective?

Group training or individual workout programs in the gym? Let's first consider the two options on their merits. What are they?

Advantages and disadvantages of group courses

Group training offers different options and provides various levels and intensities. They are based on set routines which the participant can sets following the rhythm of the music. They can do a full-body workout or just work on certain parts of the body. They try to make it fun for everyone.

There are so many different kinds of training which come often from the fad of the moment. Ones have a tendency to try to sell new ways to make exercising fun in the marketplace. The problem is that each new program is always presented as the new best cure-all; THE program that will change your appearance. The marketing effect works like any fad of the moment. Everyone wants to try it until they realize that changes do not come just like that. For a steady progression, it is necessary to have a substantive regular workout and a carefully planned diet.

Another problem is that the latest fads make all the previous ones look completely outdated and uninteresting. It's a bit like what we were told for years about powdered detergents: "The new Omo makes clothes look even whiter!” To this, Coluche would say, “What's whiter than white?” As if to say, the programs from the year before that seemed so fantastic, are outdated now. For them, we are just fools.

There are also courses with sets of movements that are supposed to be followed for a certain period of time. Is that good? Is that bad? Of course, you would have muscle pain the next day after one hour of workout. And if you do exactly the same session a week later, your body may already have been used to it and you may not feel the same fatigue. This can be different for each person. If you can do the sets easily, then you do not really make any progress. But then it's up to you to decide what's best for you.

Advantages and disadvantages of individual courses

Individual gym workout programs rely on using free weights, bars or machines. The advantage is that you can work alone and anytime. But the disadvantage is that you risk to hurt yourself by working out with weights incorrectly. You can find a lot of programs and exercises on the internet, some of which are pretty decent. But the questions are: “Are they adapted to your level? To your goal?” The fact is that it is not certain. It is necessary to understand what you are doing and why you are doing it. Do not hesitate to ask a coach for explanations. Check to see if your so-called “coach” really knows what he's talking about by asking him all kinds of detailed questions.

On the other hand, if you are looking for muscle building and toning, this might be the best option. One cannot become bodybuilding champion working out in group training programs alone. From a muscle building point of view, we can say without a doubt that this is where you would get the best results. Group classes work mainly on total body fitness rather than on muscle development. Nevertheless, for people who are only looking for body toning, these are great for working the hips, buttocks and abs.

A new method called CrossFit, which came into fashion a few years ago, is based on both options and weight lifting. It has elements of gymnastics, basic fitness, and bodybuilding. On top of all that there are also some exercises given in group training or elements of Swedish gymnastics. This method is good for working on physical fitness, which does not necessarily focus on bodybuilding but simply body toning for those who follow a correct diet at the same time. It focuses mostly on bodyweight exercises or sometimes with free heavy weights and physical performance remains important. So we need to be careful about the risks of physical injuries. Working hard is often damaging to the joints and tendons. It is important to be aware of any pain that you feel; your body will tell you when to stop. If you choose to ignore it, you can do serious damage to your body.

So what is the most effective option for you to choose? The most effective method would always be the one in which you can invest the most energy. For that you would have to want to give your all. Choose the one that would suit you the best, the one you would not mind doing, the one that would motivate you to want to progress and go as far as you can. The more you give yourself, the more you will progress; the more you progress, the more you will give yourself…

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