How to keep in shape this summer?


How to keep the shape this summer? This is THE question that everyone asks before the holidays. Men wonder how to lose unsightly bulges in the abdomen and women instead focus on their buttocks. Everyone likes to be to their advantage on the beach and likes to attract positive looks on their physique.

The big problem is that this question is raised in June when it should have been asked in September of the year before. Indeed, losing fat takes time, and making excesses usually pays off cash. So what? Living like a monk and never again cracking for an ice cream or a pizza? No, I think the best method always remains a compromise between a strict life and some deviations.

When you decide to achieve a particular body goal, you can not make discrepancies in your diet. Once this goal is reached, you must start managing: You can make deviations, but you will have to set a weight that you will not want to exceed and beyond which you are resuming the strict diet. In this way, you can afford culinary pleasures but enjoy at the same time the body you want to have.

If you do not get caught up on time and you are in a hurry, all you have to do is assess a reasonable goal and turn to a dietary coach. If he is honest, he will tell you if your goal is achievable and the effort it will cost you. The higher your goal, the greater the effort, of course. If you do not have the courage to do sports or have a strict diet, you can always try to limit the damage by already removing anything that is fat or sweet. It is already a beginning.

Do not rely on miracle diets, they do not exist!! If they actually appear in journalistic publications before the holidays, one wonders why each year they are so different but always miraculous! Stop letting yourself be rocked by illusions! The muscular guy on television who demonstrates a gear supposed to make you love your line never used it personally. He did not reach this dream body by doing 10 minutes of relaxing sports a day, these are years of intensive training that gave him this result. The same goes for the supermodel who eats her yogurt. You can always try to eat pounds of yogurt, you will never be like her ... Similarly, you will not lose the fat accumulated by your excesses in a snap of fingers or with the latest invention of Dr. Mabuse. It is only your will and your efforts that will bring you to your goal. Nevertheless, you should know that some people will enjoy mojitos and ice creams galore without taking a gram of fat, which is unfair, but if you have already accumulated fat during the year, you will not change suddenly when leaving for the sun.

When on holidays, if you want to enjoy a bit of the culinary benefits of your resort area, be reasonable about the quantity and the alcohol. Try also to do a little more sports than during the year, different sports, maybe? It will always be bad calories burned ... If you go in "all-in", do not think you have to empty the buffet or participate in each aperitif under the pretext that it is free. Instead, enjoy the fresh fruits and vegetables at your disposal. If you are tempted by more fatty dishes, do not hesitate to take a pot of chitosan in your luggage. It mingles with the fat within your stomach and prevents it from being assimilated by the body. Of course, the more you eat fat, the more you will need it ... If it is sugar that tempts you, chrome will perhaps avoid you from cracking. But most importantly, if you don’t have a state of mind to resist the temptation, no product in the world will be able to prevent you.

Anyway, it is always better for health to remain reasonable all year round ... But are the holidays made to be reasonable...? As long as you feel ready to catch the damage after the holidays...

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