Looking thinner but at a heavier weight? Is that possible?


No! Losing weight is not what we want! It's feeling good when we look at ourselves in the mirror!

In fact, losing weight does not always guarantee the best results, especially for the long-term. Many people who work out in fitness rooms have learned that muscle weighs much more than fat. It is a bit like the principle of a kilogram of lead versus a kilogram of feathers. You have one kilo with just a small amount of lead, but to obtain the same weight with feathers, you will need to have a very large quantity which becomes very voluminous!

So, what you actually want to do is to lose the size, not the weight. But you're going to tell me that size defines the weight.... That's not untrue, but to lose the volume, sometimes you may have to accept to gain a little weight... at least in the beginning. Actually, we must never forget that the muscles in the body are the one who help to burn fat! Because fat is really only a fuel, an energy reserve for the muscle. So if you gain a little muscle, and therefore a little weight, you will have more capacity to burn fat!

We can also say that to be effective, it is necessary to combine muscle toning with cardio exercises. Stop doing endless sessions of cardio exercises! Work on toning and strengthening your muscles which will make your cardio sets become much more effective!

Don't be afraid to become as muscular as the professionals in the magazines. To get there, they had to suffer through years of training, follow a well-adapted diet to gain weight and take the necessary supplements. Therefore there's really no risk of becoming that bulky! Moreover, if one day you find yourself too muscular, it is a known fact that we lose muscle bulk much quicker than fat. Just stop using your muscles and they will slowly degenerate. To proof this point, if you have ever broken a bone and had to be plastered, look at what happens to your muscles when the cast is removed. They would have shrunk!

Well, the day that you find the need to lose muscle, you'll have a much easier time than getting rid of your fat tissues. So just start with one step at a time and don't think about the long term goals yet. Just get started and begin with losing fat! Let yourself be assisted by professionals who know their trade and can guide you! Don't let yourself be taken in by inexperienced coaches who promise you the moon and stars.... That's not possible!!! There are no secrets to success, you just have to work hard to get results. Train well, eat well and above all be consistent...

Good luck!

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