The best exercises to gain triceps mass


To gain mass is to force the muscles to be able to make more efforts than they are at the moment and thus to work like stronger muscles would. A bigger muscle is a muscle that can take on more weight. It is not therefore with long exercise series that the muscles will grow but by trying to make a muscle work harder. The body will therefore assimilate this demand for greater efforts required by the muscles and ensure that they can respond better to future solicitations. It will adapt the volume of the muscle to the effort required.

For this it will be necessary to take on a heavier load with exercises that allow it, exercises that will solicit deeper lying muscles.

Exercises that require the most effort are usually multi-joint exercises. The biceps and triceps are 2 muscles that bridge 2 joints and therefore will intervene in many movements of the arms but also the shoulder, pectoral and back.

Here are some exercises that correspond to the essential criteria of optimal triceps muscle development:

The bench press taken tight is the first very effective exercise for the triceps mass.

This exercise makes it possible to take on a considerable weight, and therefore to progress continuously. It makes it possible to solicit the outer and short portions of the triceps in a deep way. Be careful to focus on the muscle you want to work because the shoulders and pecs will also be solicited. Just think about contracting your triceps and releasing the other muscles. Do not over-tighten your wrists together to avoid excessive stress on the joints. A space of the width of the belly seems to be a good compromise.

Another effective multi-articular exercise is the dips.

In this case, if you want to avoid working the pecs, prefer a straight position, not bent, and tighten your elbows. The dips can be very progressive, you can start between 2 banks, then between 2 parallel bars and then you can add weight.

Another exercise that will work this time the long portion is the French press or front bar.

That's because you can do the exercise with the bar that goes down to the front, but also shift this bar backwards. So the more you shift your bar backwards the longer you will work. You can perform this exercise with a straight bar but also with a " z " bar, which will stress the wrists less, or even with a dumbbell.

A last very effective exercise to develop the triceps mass is the triceps pushdown.


Be careful, for this exercise, do not make any frills ! Keep a bar slightly tilted. This is where you will push the most. Also make sure to stay upright and to not place your head right next to the cable. In other words, keep a straight position ...

These are the 4 exercises that seem most effective for a good triceps mass gain, provided of course you keep in mind the principles valid for all muscles : a diet adapted to your goal, both for the base and for the supplements, and rest, because it is during your sleep that your muscle is built.

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