The rest-pause training consists in performing a set of a certain number of reps, then take a short break and start over again to be certain of going to the end of your muscular abilities. There are several ways to do the rest-pause technique, but the concept remains substantially the same.

Usually, you load your bar or machine with weights that allow you to perform 2 to 3 reps. You perform these reps, making sure to go to failure, then drop your bar directly. You take a break for 30 seconds, perform one or two more repetitions. Then you take a new break for 45 seconds and get back to your bar to try one or two more repetitions, and finally, take a full minute of rest to perform again one or two repetitions.

You will have realized a complete set with a very heavy weight, close to your maximum. The stress effect on the muscles will be very important. You can also adapt this concept in several different ways to intensify your training and be sure to go to the end of your muscular abilities.

A noticeably different way would be to perform a series of 10 to 12 repetitions, to failure of course, to drop your bar for 10 seconds and then achieve a maximum of reps. After that, you take a normal rest time and you start again.

You can also keep your bar in hand without dropping it, or can also vary the type of muscle contractions during the second part: a series of 10 to 12 slow and controlled reps, 10 seconds of rest and a maximum of rapid repetitions in power… or even a maximum isometric contraction.

The key is to work the second set in combination with the first one to intensify the program to the maximum.

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