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Protein lava cake

Molten chocolate lava cakes are rich and fudgy with a classic gooey chocolate center that flows out like lava. So simple and easy to make on this [...]

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  • Molten chocolate lava cakes are rich and fudgy with a classic gooey chocolate center that flows out like lava. So simple and easy to make on this Valentines day.

    25 min.
  • Have you already succumbed to the new sweet trend of mochis? These little soft balls of Japanese origin with their irresistible looks have made the web fall in love.

    15 min.
  • This healthy and delicious fruit pie is made with a buttery shortbread crust, vanilla custard, and fresh fruit decoration.

    40 min.
  • I eat oats for breakfast Monday thru Friday – in the summer I love cold overnight oats, and in the winter, I’m all about warm oatmeal! So here’s how to make this easy staple recipe.

    5 min.
  • During the Easter period, we like to indulge ourselves. We know that it’s a time for food cravings. Chocolate, sweets and other treats are all part of it.

    20 min.
  • Extra special chocolate coco bars for some quick snack! If you're planning to see your friends today, this recipe is easy to make (30 min). Whether pink or original, you will like it!

    30 min.
  • With a few simple ingredients and in less than 30 minutes, this Pistachio Crusted Salmon is an easy and quick option for a weeknight dinner or an elegant main course for a dinner party.

    30 min.
  • This German tiramisu remembers my trip to Germany. It is different from classic tiramisu but so delicious and light. Everyone who tastes it wants more. Perfect for starting this Spring!

    30 min.
  • Pistachio protein powder can be used in so many yummy ways! This tart is full of protein and perfect for healthy meals!

    30 min.
  • Planing on watching Netflix and chill this week-end? Try our crunchy, tasty and easy to make proteins pop-corns recipe.

    5 min.
  • Looking for something low calorie, quick and full of protein? This haringe salad packed with pecan nuts, avocado and blueberries, is classy way of postworkout meal.

    20 min.
  • These protein muffins are the perfect remedy to overcome that blue Monday. You'll love the different flavors and textures and how easy they are to make.

    90 min.
  • Who will be crowned this year? Make our sugar free, protein, vegan version of King cake and find out if you have royal blood!

    60 min.
  • For New Year's Eve, you should treat yourself! This Creamy, tasty, and crunchy Layer cake is the perfect cheat meal. It will impress your guests and start the new year on a yummy note.

    50 min.
  • Are you looking for a yummy protein Christmas log? Well, we heard you! This easy log cake recipe will please your guests and your diet.

    35 min.
  • The holiday season is on! One of the best parts of St. Nick's Day is discovering goodies that have been left in your socks. These yummy protein treats would be welcome finds!

    20 min.
  • Let's step out of our comfort zone, with an Australian recipe. Our Pavlova is light, sweet, and full of protein. In one single bite, you will enjoy three different textures.

    90 min.
  • Are you craving for a tasty protein-packed breakfast that won’t ruin your diet? Here is our secret to making light, puffy and fluffy pancakes like you have rarely tasted!

    20 min.

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