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100 ml
Egg white
150 gr
20 gr
Light Digest Whey Protein coco

Coconut Meringuettes

25 min.
Categories : Desserts

A real touch of exoticism and freshness to take everywhere! A Healthy and incredibly light snack, you will succumb to this recipe of meringuettes concocted especially for athletes and made with our Light Digest whey protein coconut aroma!


Step 1: Preheat your oven to 100 degrees. Separate the whites from the yellows and whip up the whites with a mixer, or for the sportiest whip!

Step 2: During the rise, gradually add sugar or one of its substitutes: stevia, coconut blossom sugar ...

Step 3: When the preparation is homogeneous, add with a whisk or with a spatula, a dose of Light Digest coconut flavor. The meringue must be smooth!

Step 4: Put your meringue in a pastry bag. Then place it on the baking sheet covered with baking paper, making small, well-spaced portions.

Step 5: Set your oven on the rotating heat at 100 degrees (no more) for 1h30. Let it dry. Enjoy your meal!

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