for person(s)

natural yoghurt (1.5% fat)
frozen banana
100 ml
30 g
Waffles Protein
30 g
Ice cubes

Delicious protein waffles

20 min.
Categories : Rich in protein , Snacks

Making healthy, light waffles has never been easier! Rich in protein and low in fat, they will be suitable for all your diets. Accompany them with red fruits and spread them with QNT Protein Spread for maximum delicacy.


Step 1: In a bowl, crush the banana with a fork. Add plain yoghurt and water. Mix.

Step 2: When the preparation is homogeneous, add with a whisk or with a spatula, a dose of Waffle Protein white chocolate flavor. The dough should be well churned, smooth and lump free.

Step 3: Let it sit and warm your waffle maker. Do not forget to grease the baking plate very lightly with olive oil or coconut oil! Take two rich tablespoons of the paste and spread it out according to the size and thickness desired.

Step 4: Accompany your waffles with blueberries, raspberries or for maximum flavor, spread them with QNT Protein Spread! Enjoy your meal !

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