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100 ml
egg white
150 gr
20 gr
Light Digest Whey Protein Coco

Light Meringue red fruits

30 min.
Categories : Desserts

Titillate your taste buds with this extremely greedy meringue. Very few ingredients are enough, the Whey Vegan Protein Light Digest red fruit taste will bring the final touch to the development of this healthy meringue.


Step 1: Preheat your oven to 100 degrees. Separate the whites from the yellows and whip up the whites with a mixer, or for the sportiest whip!

Step 2: during the rise, gradually add sugar or one of its substitutes: stevia, coconut blossom sugar ...

Step 3: When the preparation is homogeneous, add with a whisk or with a spatula, a dose of Vegan Protein red fruits flavor. The meringue must get smooth!

Step 4: Put your meringue In a pastry bag. Then place it on the baking sheet covered with baking paper giving it the shape you want.

Step 5: Set your oven on the rotating heat at 100 degrees (no more) for 1h30. Let it air dry. To finish, decorate according to your desires: raspberries, currants, strawberries, blackberries ... Bon appétit!

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