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  • Guests are coming soon, and you didn’t have time to prepare the dessert? No panic! These no bake, soft and chewy cookies will come at your rescue.

    10 min.
  • Do you like gingerbread cookies? Then you'll love these “Gingerman cookies” specially made for your Christmas table! Original and easy to prepare, these delicious cookies will delight all your guests!

    10 min.
  • Keto diet is your friend? Meet your favorite meal then! Protein brownie cake- high in fat, low in carbs!

    15 min.
  • While pancakes are typically packed with great amount of flour, milk, eggs, and topped with even greater amount of sugary syrups or jams, these are quite the opposite !

    10 min.
  • Eating Vegan is eating good and healthy! Improve your morning routine with a "Vegan Parfait" rich in protein, delicious and healthy.

    5 min.
  • It's finally Halloween! What would you say to a snack as terrifying as it is delicious?! Here are our protein "witch fingers"!

    45 min.
  • With their big wide eyes and their scary little legs, the protein "Spider Cookies" will be the perfect healthy snack for the Halloween party!

    10 min.
  • You want to go back to your summer holidays in one bite? Get to know the heavenly Coconut Balls!

    10 min.
  • This delicious energizing shake contains essential nutrients to increase your physical energy levels.

    0 min.
  • A recipe of fluffy, delicious and especially healthy Vegan Brownies!

    30 min.
  • Diminish carbs and fat and keep the amazing taste with this healthy protein pie recipe which you can enjoy guilt free!

    35 min.
  • This easy-to-prepare protein shake will give you that extra boost of endurance when you need it the most.

    10 min.

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