For person(s)

350 ml
Coconut milk
Egg yolks
200 gr
Fermented flour
20 gr
Light Digest Whey Protein Crème brulée

Pancakes with coconut milk and chocolate

20 min.
Categories : Desserts

Here is a classic pastry revisited without sugar and without carbohydrate! The pancakes are embellished with Whey Protein Light Digest crème brûlée aroma for maximum delicacy. Another variation may also please you: top the pancakes with our QNT Choco Spread!


Step 1: In a dish, put the flour, a dose of Light Digest crème brûlée flavour, then add the coconut milk gradually while stirring vigorously with the whisk.

Step 2: Incorporate the eggs and make sure the dough is smooth. Leave it at room temperature for 30 minutes.

Step 3: In a hot and greased pan (with coconut oil for example), pour the dough to obtain a thick or thin pancake, according to your taste!

Step 4: Garnish your pancakes with sweet treats like strawberries, or top with our QNT Choco Spread! Enjoy your meal!

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