• What about a light, sweet, tasty and protein-packed dessert? Our spring coconut pancakes will satisfy your cravings! Light, tasty and fit, they'll make everyone's taste buds agree.

    20 min.
  • Treat your half in the most beautiful way. Surprise her with this irresistible Valentine's Day breakfast. For a gentle awakening, leave the traditional lunches behind!

    15 min.
  • February 2nd is Candlemas, the annual appointment to eat pancakes with family and friends. And so that everyone can fully enjoy this celebration.

    30 min.
  • Would you like to know the secret of being fit in the morning? Try these delicious oatmeal flakes rich in protein. This vitamin and nutrient boost will help you start your day on top.

    5 min.
  • If you have day off and time to prepare this crumble, you will not regret your time! Rich in carbs, low in fat will give you great energy for start of your day!

    45 min.
  • This Acai Bowl recipe is packed with healthy protein and fats!

    5 min.
  • While pancakes are typically packed with great amount of flour, milk, eggs, and topped with even greater amount of sugary syrups or jams, these are quite the opposite !

    10 min.
  • Making healthy, light chocolate pancakes is at the reach of anybody, provided one has the will and right ingredients at hand!

    20 min.
  • Healthy and surprising, let yourself be tempted by a healthy and fruity recipe! The secret ingredient: Light Digest whey protein cuberdon flavor.

    15 min.

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