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80 g
QNT Dessert Protein (white chocolate)
1 tbsp
chia seeds
60 ml
plant milk
2 drops
vanilla syrup
1 tbsp
QNT Pro Shake (vanilla)
40 g
QNT Light Digest Whey Protein (crème brûlée)
60 g
frozen banana
1 cup
frozen berries

Summerish Vanilla Chia Pudding topped with berries ice cream

15 min.
Categories : Desserts

This chia seed pudding is easy to make, super healthy and made to be enjoyed on warm summer days. It requires only a few simple ingredients and you’re good to go!


Step 1: Pudding: Mix well together the ingredients for pudding (chia seeds, plant milk,vanilla syrup, QNT Dessert Protein(white chocolate), QNT Pro Shake (vanilla)

Step 2: Leave it overnight in a cooler to firm

Step 3: Ice-cream: Mix together in a blender the ingredients for ice-cream (QNT Light Digest Protein (Crème Brûlée), banana, frozen berries)

Step 4: Top it over the chia pudding


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