• Easter weekend is fast approaching! A festive moment that promises to be more gourmet than ever. Indeed, what would Easter be without delicious chocolates?

    20 min.
  • February 2nd is Candlemas, the annual appointment to eat pancakes with family and friends. And so that everyone can fully enjoy this celebration.

    30 min.
  • The month of good resolutions has begun. What if we started the year by taking good initiatives like trying veganism for a month?

    10 min.
  • Eating Vegan is eating good and healthy! Improve your morning routine with a "Vegan Parfait" rich in protein, delicious and healthy.

    5 min.
  • Hola Amigos! Here is the recipe of delicious vegan flour tortillas which are both healthy and easy to make!

    20 min.

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